Moms. Meal allergy

ChildThe most common type of allergy - diet food, that is intolerant of the items. Unluckily, almost the product may provoke an averse reaction.According to a ability to cause allergic foods are divided into three groups: high, medium and short risk. To list all the "dangerous" foods makes no sense at all of each newborn individually, including the possible reasons for a negative reaction. So, a basic advice to parents faced with a meal allergy in a child, is this: Be wary of a product that your baby is trying for a first time!Mums to kids with allergies must to put into consideration the fact that apart from a ordinary allergies there are more than unpleasant its baby - cross allergy. How, intolerance to cow's milk can cause allergies for sour cream, cheese, fluid, the butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most effectual ways to treat allergies is regimen.Mom grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins baby need comply nizkoallergennuyu a careful schedule for for a entire time of lactation. Read more -->

Child maintenance. Drink with a bag can be given later three years?

NewbornMyth Today, manufacturers propose a variety of juices. The fact that the item is suitable for little children, you write on a packet. These juices are done in some shops where each phase of production is well tested. Specialists, together with doctors select a most helpful and tasty raspberries or veggie, fruit and berry blend.  Similar Mums.articles:Baby upkeep. Breastfeeding. Bottle-feedingNewbornNewborn. Read more -->

Child. Playground

NewbornBut keep in mind a safety of the space it is indispensable not alone at home. To fun games on the court delivered a child and you only joy, To wishlist the following:So a rule, a children need a especial space in the side of a court so that you can play away with overly effective kids older.Unfortunately, in a sandbox or at the site may frequently find things like broken glass, pieces of iron, trash or beer bottles. Hence the conclusion - pay attention to where your babies are playing, and do observe cleanliness in the playground.  Child leaving. Resembling articles:Mums. Baby SafetyBabyChickenpoxNewbornTeething in babiesNewborn. . Read more -->

Newborn maintenance. All out!

ChildMost kids with one - two times take a sling, but there are stubborn, who spend much time at my mum's hands and refuse to lie down in a sling. However dear babies demand time to have used to a new. To get the hand free, mom will put some time. 1-st, hold a newborn, and sling snapped complete (good, if that would make assistant, smoothing and adjusting a sling).Gradually tighten the sling tighter, and any carry a weight of a baby on it, leaving about of the gravity on a hand. Then the hands may be kept outside the sling, and finally, when the child gets used, remove a hands at all. Schooling for such kids will put size a week. Read more -->

Care of a newborn. Medication of mastitis folk remedies

ChildRecommended for a medication of mastitisPick up vitamins complex.Attach to the sore spot a part of Kombucha, impose on him a cotton wool or gauze over - the paper or parchment, It is possible to pharmacy. Cellophane, polyethylene - not because it hurts to keep to pick up a air. Procedures carried out for 5-7 days earlier going to bed.Applied to the chest recent leaves mother and stepmother, and leaves of burdock, previously showering them with stewing aqua.Attached to a natural baked onions with natural honey however a compress.Attached to a warm milk steamed in figs.Prepare a little roll under of gentle dough, mixing rye mealy, melted butter and recent natural milk and leave it on overnight so apply to a affected area. Treatment of mastitis performed several minutes.Wipe the chest with tincture of Sophora japonica. For a making of liqueur with vodka in a 1: TWO ratio of Sophora beans, brew in a darkness place for 3 hours, drain.Do compresses of medicine compote of confection clover. To prepare pour 1.5 cups of stewing water? cup of grass, to insist 15 minutes, drain. Read more -->

Child care. An overdose of vitamins D

NewbornThere is one extremely influential fact: the kid wanting a speedy recovery, do no harm! A fact that a intensive therapy can medicine overdose of vitamin D. And this is perhaps worse than if it were lacking. A newborn starts vomiting, with refusing to eat, losing gravity, there is an increase in body temperature, lethargy, drowsiness.Excess vitamins D inhibits a activity of the nervous and muscular systems, causing serious complications of the liver, provokes allergic attacks. Furthermore, vitamins D, it can cause severe poisoning tiny aging body. Calcium can block urine output - in this case, there is swelling, and the kidneys may not even withstand such loads.Before giving the child drops of vitamins D, be sure to check with your physician. And, if he considers that a child requires more than one drop in the day, let's vitamins immediately, but gradually increasing the dose: in a first 7 days - one drop, and if there is no averse reactions and symptoms mentioned above, in the second week - two on next - three. Read more -->

Child. 3 question with breast-feeding: gipolaktiya

ChildThis is an absolute or relative deficiency of natural milk production. A fact that a child does not have enough breast milk, says his restless behavior, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor weightiness gain or loss. Control of feeding may prove gipolaktiyu. Most ofttimes, a young woman is itself to blame for a shortage of natural milk.According to the observations of experts, gipolaktiya - one of the basic causes for not lactation. Meanwhile, to increase a quantity of milk in nursing mothers is quite real. You just keep to be patient and strictly follow the recommendation, which will give the medic. Read more -->

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